Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes


I am Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe, Paris campus. My research interests deal with gender (men and masculinities, nudity, brand gender), experiences (dark experiences, rituals) and research methods. My research appeared in the International Journal of Advertising (2006), Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (1996), Décisions Marketing (2012-2015 editorials, 2011, 2006, 2004, 2002), Recherche et Applications en Marketing (2013), Marketing Theory (to be published) and other journals. I contributed to several books, on tyrannies of visibility (2011), body and hypermodernity (2004), and others. I served as Associate Dean for Research and Director of Brand and Communication. I co-organized the Dublin Gender conference with Pauline Maclaran (2002).

I daily experience gender in the family with two daughters, a son, a husband, a daughter in law, a son-in law and now a granddaughter…

Luca M. Visconti


I am Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe, Paris campus and Adjunct Professor at IFM – Institut Français de la Mode, Paris. My research interests deal with the consumption of market minorities (migrants, gays, elderly consumers, bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers), the consumption of collective goods (public space and public health),and brand storytelling. My research has appeared in the Journal of Macromarketing (2015), Journal of Consumer Behavior (2015), Marketing Theory (2015), Journal of Consumer Research (2010; 2014), Journal of Business Research (2012), Journal of Advertising (2010), Industrial Marketing Management (2010), and Consumption, Markets & Culture (2008). My latest edited book is Marketing Management: A Cultural Perspective (with L. Peñaloza and N. Toulouse).

Since I got married with my husband a few months ago, I am rediscovering the (un)stable definition of gender roles.

Leslie Scattolin

Conference Coordinator

I am a PhD Candidate at ESCP Europe, Paris Campus. My doctoral work deals with experience in virtual reality contexts. I intend to better understand how the simulated nature of these environments affects (or not) the way we experience them. For that purpose, I compare experiences people live during a same activity, occurring in both simulated and non-simulated contexts. The theoretical perspective I adopt is the embodied cognition of F.Varela, digging especially the phenomenological dimension of this thought and the concept of mindfulness, as a body-mind relationship impacting experience. I have presented my research at EMAC Doctoral Colloquium in May, 2015.

Playing rugby as well as being a bellydancer often make my spare time look like a little gender laboratory!

A special thank to Allan J. Kimmel, Marketing Professor at ESCP Europe, Paris, for having permitted the use of his photographs for this web site. All rights reserved.

Scientific Committee


We would like to thank the Scientific Committee's members for their time and support.

Eric Arnould, University of Southern Denmark

Jill J.  Avery, Harvard Business School

Janet L. Borgesson, University College London

Eileen R. Fischer, New York University Stern School of Business

Benoît Heilbrunn, ESCP Europe

Pauline Maclaran, Royal Holloway

Ilona Mikkonen, Aalto University School of Business

Johanna K. Moisander, Aalto University School of Business

Risto Moisio, California State University Long Beach

Jacob Östberg, Stockholm Business School

Lisa Peñaloza, Kedge Business School

Jonathan Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology

Lorna Stevens, University of the West of Scotland

Isabelle Ulrich, Neoma Business School